Server Rules (In-Game)

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Server Rules (In-Game)

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Welcome to Humanity Roleplay! We have a few rules everyone is subject to make it a fair gaming environment.

*Some simple roleplay terms*

IC - In Character
OOC - Out Of Character
MG - Metagame
PG - Powergame
PM - Private Message

1. You must roleplay seriously. This includes having a detailed and serious description, using the correct types of chat and putting effort into creating detailed actions with /me.

2. You must have a valid RP reason to kill someone. You may not shoot someone because of their faction or their physical appearance.

3. You can not roleplay as a psychopath, hitman, serial killer or any role that strictly involves killing other players. It will be considered RDM.

4. Upon the death of your character you must roleplay that you had made it to the hospital. Your memory may be "fuzzy" however you must RP that you lived. If you wish for your character to be CK'd or "killed off" you must send an application in.

5. You must always value your own life through FearRP. You can not run away or pull your own gun while you are being threatened with a weapon.

6. Any type of spam is not accepted. This includes, but is not limited to: chat spam, prop spam and voice spam.

7. Do not impersonate any member of the community outside of roleplay. You may pretend to be someone else's character with a valid RP reason.

8. Respect all players when communicating outside of roleplay. Even if you do not agree with someone be respectful.

9. Avoidance of roleplay is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to; stalling roleplay, switching characters and disconnecting from the server.

10. Your character’s physical description should describe your appearance. No personality descriptions like "is secretly a sociopath". No biographic descriptions or lists of personal ranks and titles.

11. Do not disrupt any RP or go out of character unless a staff member gives the permission to do so. Voice chat is In-Character ONLY.

12. You cannot just steal a vehicle and drive away, you must have appropriate tools and you must act out the scenario. If someone is standing near their vehicle, jumping into it and driving off is not realistic.

13. Your character name may not be based on a celebrity or famous person.

14. You must roleplay injuries. When you are shot in your leg, your character will not be able to run fast, or jump high, etc.

15. Contact between your own characters in any shape or form is forbidden. Additionally, you may not transfer items or currency between your own characters. This is referred to as Alt - to - Alting.

16. If you wish to request a character kill on another player, you must ensure the kill follows the CK guidelines and get permission from a LeadAdministrator+ prior to the situation.

17. You cannot declare a situation voided without staff approval or the approval of all involved parties.

18. If you know taking an action will result in some sort of consequence, like jail time, you must be prepared to not leave the server for at least 30 minutes afterward.

19. You can not mug a person in a populated area, only in alleyways or completely empty streets.

20. We do not tolerate forced rape in this server. If both players agree to rape OOC, it is allowed. This must be done in a private place. (Inside of a hidden house)

21. If you cant go somewhere RPly, don't go.. (IE: Driving your car into the police station)

22. Do not Powergame. Give the players some time to react in roleplay, If you fail to give others time to react and act like superman or act unrealistically and just play to win, you will be punished. Give everybody a chance!

23. Do not Metagame. Metagaming is not tolerated in this server! If you want to know something IC, figure it out from IC actions. Do NOT private message players about locations and other information that can be found out from IC.

24. Mic Spamming is not allowed. It is intended to broadcast the player's voice for purposes of roleplay. (Music, Annoying Noises, yelling without RP , etc are not allowed)

FailRP - Failure to have any intention on roleplaying (doing something extremely unrealistic).
LTARP - Leaving to Avoid Punishment
LTAP - Leaving to Avoid Roleplay
Metagaming - Utilizing OOC information for IC purposes.
Powergaming - Forcing roleplay upon someone by not giving them a chance to respond, acting indestructible or like superman, roleplaying items you do not have.

Crime Ratios

Assault on a Civillian - 3 Law Enforcement

Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer 2:1 Police to Criminal Ratio

Armed Robbery of Shop - 3 Law Enforcement

Armed Robbery of Federal Location (Bank, Gov Building, etc) - 2:1 Police to Criminal Ratio
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