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Script Update HumanityRP Script Update v1.1.2

J. Hughesman

Community Founder
Staff member
Keeper of the Keys
Script Update v1.1.2

  • Majority of .Ymap Files removed to reduce potential lag (MrBulldogg)
  • Major Server Rework involving hosting software changed to reduce latency and desynchronization (MrBulldogg & AJLabs)
  • Crypto Currency system was removed (MrBulldogg)
  • Black Market Items and Prices Adjusted (MrBulldogg)
  • Car Pricing Adjusted (PiercingDonkey)
  • Contribution System Implemented under F5 (JHughesman)
  • LSPD EUP Implemented (SpicyKetchup)
  • Prison Teleportation Bug Fixed (Skirmishes)
  • Implemented new emergency lighting and siren controller (JHughesman)
  • Fixed Tweets immediately disappearing from twitter after relogging (Skirmishes)
  • Implemented new Apps on Phone (Skirmishes)
  • Fixed Wenmo application bug on phone (Skirmishes)

-Humanity Roleplay Development Team