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Script Update HumanityRP Script Update v1.1.1

J. Hughesman

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Script Update v1.1.1

Just wanted to give a small script update as to what major changes have been made in the server.
This will become a new normal to show what we have updated and what has changed.

  • Raised Government Job payouts (Police, Fire/EMS, Towing) -J. Hughesman
  • Updated Oxy Run Drug Job payouts and chances of gaining rare items -MrBulldog
  • Adjusted Weapon Prices at Gun Stores (Raised weapons and lowered ammo prices) -J. Hughesman
  • Set Government Starting Funds to 500k (Fire/EMS, Law Enforcement) -J. Hughesman
  • Marijuana Item prices updated -MrBulldog
  • Added Police Charger to Police Garage -J. Hughesman
  • Implemented Custom Loading Screen -GhostSix
  • Started Vehicle Pricing Re-Work -GhostSix
  • Lowered Fuel Pricing
  • Extended Police Tasing Time
  • Added a Mobility Scooter as a Vehicle

-Humanity Roleplay Development Team
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