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Announcement Humanity Donations & Bills [June 2022]

J. Hughesman

Community Founder
Staff member
Keeper of the Keys
Donations & Server Bill Breakdown - June 2022

In an effort to increase transparency among our community, we have decided it is best to
make our bills to keep Humanity running public. This is to show that all donations and
contributions we receive do in fact go toward helping to keep the server running.
Donations are by no means required to keep us going, however, they do help.​

June Server Donations:
Direct Script Donations - $250 (Scripts Directly Bought from donator that were approved)
Patreon Donations - $0 ($0 After Patreon Fees)

June Server Bills:

Monthly Bills
Dedicated Server (Hosts Server ) - $50
FiveM Patreon Subscription - $63.50
Website Hosting - $10
SonoranCad Subscription - $30

Total Donations for June: $250
Total Server Server Bills for June: $153.50

As the Community Founder of Humanity Roleplay, I want to make it known we are by no means running to make money.
We intend to keep our Server bills public to show donations are being used toward the server.
-J. Hughesman