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Hello from the Founder!

J. Hughesman

Community Founder
Staff member
Keeper of the Keys
Hello everyone!
It's "J" here.

I am the guy who founded Humanity Roleplay back in November of 2018 which later resulted in a merge with MrBravo's project.
Little did we know, this would spark the fire of Humanity Roleplay becoming a true reality.

We both have truthfully worked to get where we are and are openly honest about how grateful we are to be here.
Our team throughout the years - while some people have changed - has invested their time, money, tears, sweat, blood, and much more.... Just for a gaming community, they want to be amazing.
Humanity Roleplay isn't simply a community or clan - it is a legacy that will be continued on.

I am a First Responder In real life striving to constantly help people as a motivation to move forward in life positively and strongly.
We have all been in our low points in our life as well as our high points, facing success and deep depression - something I have experienced myself all too well.
This has been one of the motivating factors to be able to build an online platform to help others and socialize while doing what I love - roleplaying.
Getting to the point, we have had nearly everything thrown at me, my team, and our community as a whole: Financial Issues, Family issues, General Adversity, and overall stress - Yet we are still here - We aren't going anywhere.

In short,
Let's make this a place for your Imagination to Thrive, Together.

-J. Hughesman