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  1. Spicyketchup

    Ban Appeals

    If you need to appeal any bans issued via discord or server please post here and a staff member will be with you as soon as possible.
  2. Spicyketchup

    Official Guidebook

    We listened and have created this quick guidebook to explain the basics of how the new server works. Just know this is only for the basics if you want to get into the crime world you'll need to grind and RP that. If you need additional help done hesitate to reply here or open a ticket in the...
  3. Spicyketchup

    Hello From The Other Side?

    Hey I'm Spicy or Keoni or ummmm kokeinhine. I'm one of J's least favorite head admins who doesn't wanna fill this out but probably should. I've been doing RP for like 1-2 years now still suck at it but whatever its fun. I'm currently a rent a cop for the military cause yes. I'm glad to be here...
  4. Spicyketchup

    LSPD Application

    LSPD Hiring Process 1. Apply through the link above. 2. Wait for one of the LSPD representatives to contact you and set a date and time for an interview. 3. Attend the interview and then sent off to the academy. We hope you all enjoy our amazing city and look forward to patrolling our streets...
  5. Spicyketchup

    Fire Dept Application

  6. Spicyketchup

    LSPD Application

  7. Spicyketchup

    Humanity Server Launch

    The staff at Humanity is excited to announce the official launch of our new server Today at 4:00 PM CST. We have put a lot into this new server and let me tell you it looks amazing and runs better then any version of humanity we have launched to date. So please come join us tonight as we unveil...