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  1. J. Hughesman

    Patrol Map

    Patrol Map Cutoffs
  2. J. Hughesman

    Hello from the Founder!

    Hello everyone! It's "J" here. I am the guy who founded Humanity Roleplay back in November of 2018 which later resulted in a merge with MrBravo's project. Little did we know, this would spark the fire of Humanity Roleplay becoming a true reality. We both have truthfully worked to get where we...
  3. J. Hughesman

    Server Connection Information

    Server Connection Information Welcome to Humanity Roleplay! Before roleplaying, we requested you read all of our server rules which can be found HERE. FiveM Server: Discord: https://discord.gg/9uVdXjyR3J
  4. J. Hughesman

    In-Game Rules

    FiveM Game Server Rules Before setting some ground rules of roleplay here are some simple terms we may reference: IC - In Character OOC - Out of Character (Also referred to as "Out of City") MG - Metagame / Metagaming PG - Powergame / Powergaming Rapture - Server Restart Deport - Deport or...