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Hello From PeaceIsALie known as Victor Adams or Kate Lovington


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Hello everyone, I first started roleplaying in april of 2011 on a promise I had made to my grandma who was interested in watching me roleplay as a police officer, she died before I could get the chance so in her memory I have been roleplaying ever since. I am an honest person or at least try to be and I am dedicated to what I do and communicating with those who pass me by. My roleplay is advanced and is not to be taken lightly and I am not afraid to do what is necessary within reason. Since I really do not care what people think of me on this term I am a part of the LGBTQ community that is right in introducing myself I am willing to say that I am Trans M2F and Bi. I do not really care if you do not like me as the online community is one of the best I have seen before and you do not offend me. I hold a job at a grocery store currently doing everyone else's jobs for them as well as my own. Through hard work and dedication I have learned that truth and passion can tell you who are more friend material when you are honest. My Roleplay resume is below:

Commissioner of the San Andreas Office of Commissioners
Commissioner of SASP
Deputy Commissioner of SAHP
Lt. Colonel of SAHP
Sheriff of SASO
Sheriff of BCSO
Sheriff of LSCS
Chief of Police for SAPD
Chief of Police for LSPD
Chief of Police for SCPD
Leader of the Beach patrol division for SCPD
Sheriff of SASO
S.W.A.T Commander
Air Certification
Internal Affairs
PR Advisor
PR Supervisor
PR Assistant Director
PR Director
FBI Director
FBI Assistant Director
SAM General (San Andreas Military)
Major of LSPD
Motor Unit
Sea Patrol Squad
Developer x 5
Head Developer x 4
Community Owner x5
Battalion Chief of LSFD
Lieutenant of EMS
SDO or Security Division Officer (In charge of MRPD Station Security)
K9 Unit Coordinator
Merryweather - ARRT or as it was known Armored Rapid Response Team
Merryweather - Domestic Operations Coordinator
Merryweather - CEO
and Director for the San Andreas Border Patrol
FTO Director

Underneath Civilian Jobs:

Auto Exotic - Tow & Recovery
Syn Full Customs - Tow & Mechanic
Syn Full Customs - Management
Syn Full Customs - Owner
Flock Family - Personal Assassin for the head of the family (my nickname was Viper)

Discord: PeaceIsALieThereIsOnlyPassion#9359
Steam: TheCoding
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